BASF Metabolome Solutions GmbH

About us

In a world of increasing regulatory requirements and rising cost for innovation, reliable and efficient analytics-services are key to successful R&D in the chemical industry. We are your trusted partner delivering the best services in mass spectrometry-based biological analytics. We support your innovation with our differentiating technologies, more than 24 years of expertise and a strong service model.

Facts and Figures

Originally founded as a technology start up, today BASF Metabolome Solutions GmbH provides professional R&D services:
  • established in 1998 as joint venture with Prof. Lothar Willmitzer, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology
  • Located at Berlin Biotech Park, close to Berlin center
  • Approx. 50 highly experienced staff
  • > 40 state of the art LC-MS and GC-MS equipment, 24/7 ready
  • High throughput analytics with > 50,000 samples/year capacity
  • 1000m² laboratory and 900m² greenhouse space with 6 climate-controlled bays and 4 Phytotrons
  • Fully digitalized LIMS and data handling
  • Certified for operations under GLP and GMO safety level S2


Through its history BASF Metabolome Solutions contributed substantially to innovations in R&D at BASF and external customers in the pharmaceutical and health industry, for example:

  • Execution of the largest metabolomics project in industry 
  • 50,000 genes profiled in plants for trait gene discovery
  • BASF Agro Science Award 2008 for Metabolite Profiling platform facilitating herbicide mode of action research  
  • BASF Innovation Award 2015 for MetaMap® Tox, the world largest metabolite profiling database for toxicology 
  • Identification and validation of metabolic biomarkers for several human health and biotech R&D applications
  • First ever Metabolite Profiling data generated under GLP in 2018