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Cleaner Air

Do you know the level of air pollutants can be 2 to 5 times higher indoor than outside? BASF has been developing solutions to make air cleaner for 50 years. 

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Color Trends 2017-18

While buying car, Color is the first thing – and sometimes the only thing you notice. Explore the color trends of 2017-18 of Asia.

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Super Food

The food we eat provides us with the mental and physical energy to do the things we love. Click on learn more to see how our health solutions can enhance your quality of life.



Did you know that coolant not only shields your car engine from high temperatures, but also protects it from changes in pressure and the presence of water in the cooling system?


Sun Care

BASF, the leader in sun care innovation, sheds light on the lesser known facts about UV rays. Click on learn more to protect your skin