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Curious about life in the future? Here are some hints

There is a sense of uncertainty whenever the future is in discussion. Climate change, pollution and depletion of natural resources are urgent concerns that threaten a prosperous, healthy and safe future for all. 

How can we boost the health of our cities?

Cities occupy 2% of total land but account for 54% of the world population. These numbers assume greater significance when we consider the environmental impact of cities – they represent 60% of global energy consumption, 70% of greenhouse gas emissions and 70% of global waste.


India’s automotive future looks electric

The coming decade is expected to be the decade of the fully electric car. Countries around the world are waking up to the potential of e-mobility. While China is incentivising e-mobility with tax breaks, EV credit policies, research subsidies and more, countries like the UK, France, Norway and India are looking to adopt e-mobility at a larger scale, having expressed the desire to phase out petrol and diesel engines entirely in the coming decades.

How the science of biodegradability can help take a big step towards a cleaner India

Waste generated by modern society is one of the greatest problems of the 21st century. A 2014 Planning Commission report estimates that urban India generates around 60 million tons of waste. Most of this remains untreated and as India grows rapidly, the challenge of managing waste will only become more daunting.

Making transportation more sustainable even with fuel-based automobiles

According to the WHO’s Ambient Air Pollution Database released in 2016, ten of the twenty most polluted cities in the world are in India, with Gwalior and Ahmedabad occupying the second and third positions. Pollution levels are usually expressed in the levels of particulate matter (PM) in the air.
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Building Sustainable Communities with Water Permeable Paving Materials

Two independent studies conducted by NASA have confirmed that groundwater reserves are depleting all over the world, and which can trigger a global drought in the coming decades. BASF has developed an array of solutions that is mindful of the environment while supporting the rapid growth of urbanization. 
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Do you just sleep or are you well rested?

We spend a third of our day on bed. A comfortable bed set is imperative for a healthy, good night’s sleep. We all take time to check the comfort of the car we drive and the ergonomics of our office chair. But then, have we analysed the comfort, safety and quality of the bed and pillow we use?

A vegetarian source of omega-3 - Algal DHA

Did you know that fish is not the only source of Omega-3 fatty acids? Algal DHA is a pure, premium source and suitable for vegetarians. 

Boosting India’s nutrition – the key lies in food fortification

Like iodised salt, staple foods like cooking oils fortified with essential micronutrients can help address nutrient deficiency in India.
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Farmer’s safety – an important aspect in sustainable agriculture practices

Agriculture contributes 16-17% of India’s GDP and is the largest employer in India with 60-70% of its population directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture.
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Nutrition for a healthy nation - At the grass-root level, literally!

Plants derive their nutrition from the soil that they grow in, and this soil must be fortified periodically so as to provide the crop with the nourishment it needs to grow healthily. This nutrition is provided through ‘micronutrients’, which are important agents of plant growth.
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How sustainable farming in India can secure its food for the future

India is home to 15% of the world’s undernourished population.
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Uninterrupted power supply during natural disasters can be a reality

According to a UN report, natural disasters in the last decade have occurred almost twice as often compared to two decades ago, with Asia being the hardest hit. The report reveals that the number of such events had gone up 14% annually between 2005 and 2015 compared to the period 1995-2014. 

Insulate, Save and Sustain

Global warming has brought the focus on our need to be eco-sensitive and hence the former option is not a sustainable one. Builders, Architects and Service Consultants alike are constantly looking for ways to enhance energy-efficiency in buildings through sustainable construction.
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Innovative catalyst technology puts an end to the hazardous vehicle emissions

According to a recent report by the World Health Organization, pollution ranks amongst the top in the list of global threats. BASF’s trailblazing innovation in catalyst technology is making the air we breathe cleaner and safer 
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Making two-wheelers less polluting to combat air pollution in India

Two-wheelers are the lifeline of urban Asia, where they account for more than half of the vehicles owned in some countries. This trend is amply evident in India, where sales in the sub-category of mopeds alone rose 23% in 2016-17. In fact, one survey estimates that today one in every three Indian households owns a two-wheeler.

Automotive Coatings: Robust Clothing for your car

The paint color of a car is one of the three things that registers in the human mind when one sees a car, the other two being size and shape. This explains the variety of options when it comes to car color in the last two decades or more.

Keep your walls clean and fresh for long!

Exterior wall-coatings deteriorate with time. One of the reasons for this is the cracks caused by substrate movement in the masonry work. It then becomes a challenge for paint manufacturers to formulate a dirt pick-up-resistant (DPUR) paint that is elastic enough to bridge surface cracks. BASF's dirt-resistant paint precisely helps you achieve this.
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New Walls. No Smell: Good looking walls that carry no smell

Normally, painting the home is a massive undertaking in most Indian households – the furniture is moved out of harm’s way, the painters are given a free rein and the family is getting ready to deal with the smell that comes with freshly painted walls.

Welcome the SUN with SCREEN

Even though the Sun powers our lives, and is an essential component of our sustenance, a slight rise in temperature or increased glare can make life uncomfortable. 

A sweet offer that protects your skin against premature ageing!

We all love sugar – in all its delicious forms but over-consuming it could cause your skin to age before time. Nonetheless there is a way to help keep our skin healthy.
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India's urban water crisis calls for an integrated approach

We need solutions that address different aspects of the water eco-system and involve the collective participation of citizens and other stake-holders.

Swiping for Change with Clean Water

One of the fundamental necessities in life – water – is hard to come by for millions of Indians today. BASF and Waterlife, a social enterprise took the initiative to build water ATMs.