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A sweet offer that protects your skin against premature ageing!


We all love sugar – in all its delicious forms but over-consuming it could cause your skin to age before time. Nonetheless there is a way to help keep our skin healthy.

While it is practically impossible to avoid sugar completely, most people are unaware of the long-term effects of consuming processed sugar in large amounts. It is also addictive in the sense that it can instantly uplift mood and create feelings of happiness.

Through research, we have begun to realize the dangerous effects of sugar on the body - health disorders ranging from diabetes to cardiac issues. In recent times, sugary, calorie-rich food has been seen to cause obesity, mood swings, depression and other health problems.

The most visible signs of high sugar intake are the change in the skin’s appearance and an expanding waistline. If you think you are not affected by this, see if the next time you are hungry or feeling low, whether you find yourself craving a sugary treat or a bowl of oats or a green salad.

How sugar affects the skin

Sugar has a way of working against the natural composition of the skin to reduce its elasticity and change its appearance. This process is called ‘glycation’ and it reveals itself as by way of ageing dull skin. Glycation causes premature fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and yellowing of the skin.

The Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) produced as a result of sugar consumption trigger a harmful Maillard reaction in the skin, which causes AGEs to accumulate and cause skin yellowing (known as sallowness). Meanwhile, glycation also alters the skin’s natural physiological and biochemical processes. Thus, the skin loses its elasticity and begins to wrinkle prematurely.

Can the ageing effects of glycation be eliminated from the skin?

The first step in reducing the ageing effect caused by sugar consumption, is to combat glycation taking place in the skin. Over time, the effects can be reduced considerably by stopping the consumption of white, processed sugar. Sugars obtained via fruit and vegetables are more easily absorbed by the body and do not cause distress to the skin. Besides, natural sugars adequately compensate the body’s calorie needs.

While further glycation may be prevented by stopping the consumption of refined sugar, its effects can leave lasting imprints on the skin. It can be quite difficult to reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles as we age. This is where anti-ageing creams and lotions come to our rescue.

The purpose of anti-ageing skin care product is to correct the skin anomalies and restore collagen, proteins and moisture levels. While most products in this spectrum only provide temporary relief, only a few – such as BASF’s Collrepair™ DG, can reduce the effects of glycation in a matter of months.

BASF brings innovative, long term solution to fight glycation to improve skin health

BASF studied the composition of prominent anti-ageing skin repair creams, and realized that most of them were unable to offer long-term solutions to glycation or protect against premature ageing and sallowness. Thus, the challenge was to create an innovative product that broke the glycation process by eliminating glycated protein and breaking existing cross linking of proteins in the skin thereby improving skin elasticity and helping us to maintain healthy skin that matches our age.

Unlike most skin firming and anti-ageing creams that work best on the face, Collrepair™ DG can be used on the face, breasts and body to equal effect. So whether one has a sweet tooth or an entire sweet jaw, Collrepair™ DG erases the signs of your sugar habit from your skin – now what could be sweeter than that?