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Do you just sleep or are you well rested?

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We spend a third of our day on bed. A comfortable bed set is imperative for a healthy, good night’s sleep. We all take time to check the comfort of the car we drive and the ergonomics of our office chair. But then, have we analysed the comfort, safety and quality of the bed and pillow we use?

Well then, let us start from the beginning. Here are the top factors to be considered while buying bed sets – mattress, pillows and cushions.

Is it time to replace your mattress?

Our bodies change over time. Hence the mattress that was once a joy to sleep on may no longer feel comfortable a few years down the road. In addition, mattresses collect dust mites, fungus, and other germs that can exacerbate allergies and impact your sleep patterns. You know it is time to replace your mattress when your sleep is disturbed and you do not wake up well rested. As your body changes and ages, consider taking advantage of new component technologies that offer better comfort and support by replacing your mattress in time.

What mattress type is best for you?

Based on your body type, the firmness levels you prefer and the position that you sleep in, the biggest choice will come down to either coils or foam. While the coils is the traditional construction of bed sets, memory foam mattress is now the most popular material in bed sets due to its advantages in offering superior comfort, contour, bounce and durability.

Which material offers you the best sleep?

It is recommended that you research about mattress materials and educate yourself before you buy. Good bedding materials should be firm enough to support the neck, back and body while offering plenty of cushioning comfort.

Memory foam mattresses are growing in popularity and known for pressure relief and body contouring. They are made of layers of different densities of foam that respond to weight and temperature. They are known for comfort because they contour to the specific shape of your body as your weight shifts through the night. Memory foam reduces pressure points, and relieves pain.

Ordinary latex may cause odour and allergies. Supersoft latex is built exclusively from latex foam and is known for its great support, elasticity, air breathability, comfort and durability. It is good for sleepers who want foam, but want to stay away from the pronounced hug and contour that often comes with memory foam mattresses.

Flexible foam products made with BASF polyurethanes (PU) are highly resilient and perfect for long-term use. In addition, the good flowability of PU systems provides manufacturers of moulded parts with enormous freedom in design. These flexible foam systems are distinguished by their wide range of applications that meet even the highest demands.

For example, CosyPUR® from BASF is a polyurethane mold flexible foam with specifically adjustable product properties enabled by its cell morphology. The key benefits of CosyPUR® flexible foam are viscoelasticity for a wide range of temperature and air permeability. It follows the outline of the head and body and responds to the body’s temperature and weight for optimum pressure relief. Depending on individual requirements, the consistency of this viscoelastic foam can be finely adjusted. Soft, firm or flexible —everything is possible with this intelligent material.

CosyPUR® can be applied widely in such as mattresses, pillows, seats, office furniture, back rests, orthopaedic products and many more.

A 2016 study from the Better Sleep Council, the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association highlights mattress aspects that are important to the consumer, some of which include comfort, back support, comfortable body contour and allergen control. It is no surprise then that pillows, mattresses and mattress topper pads made with BASF chemistry inside are found in hotels and spas all over the world. Formed to any shape and size, and customized for desired softness or firmness, CosyPUR® flexible foams provide the ultimate rest and comfort for the body.