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Farmer’s safety – an important aspect in sustainable agriculture practices

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Agriculture contributes 16-17% of India’s GDP and is the largest employer in India with 60-70% of its population directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. Hence sustainable farming and safety of our farmers is of paramount importance, to protect the farmers and their land.

Observing proper safety measures while handling Crop Protection products is an extremely important issue which often gets ignored in India. BASF is deeply committed to the farming community in India and felt that there was a great need to address this issue. With this as a background BASF India – Crop Protection Solution Division, launched ‘Suraksha Hamesha’ Safety at all times campaign in May 2016. The aim was to educate farmers on the 9 steps of responsible use of Crop Protection products and personal protection measures. Through this initiative, we ensure responsible and ethical management of crop protection products throughout the entire lifecycle.

BASF’s Product Stewardship program ‘Suraksha Hamesha’ imparts safety training to farmers focusing primarily on promoting responsible use of crop protection products and personal protection measures. It is a platform to educate farmers and spray men on the use of personal protective equipment towards safe farming. Both small and large land-holding farmers are trained on avoiding exposure to chemical vapors, or contact of chemicals with eyes and skin. The meetings also involve state and central government’s farm extension teams in the respective locations.

Suraksha Hamesha Product Stewardship Program– Fact File

Training: 2017

  • More than 47,611 farmers trained
  • Over 7731 spray men trained
  • Over 2466 women farmers trained
  • Reached out to 13,487 school students
  • Participation of over 956 agriculture department officials
  • Over 477 dealers and distributors reached


Sanrakshan Kits

‘Sanrakshan Kits’ are distributed to farmers across the country. These kits contain a pair of hand-gloves, apron, a pair of trousers, eye-glasses and face-mask. The kits are also available in the market on a no-profit-no-loss basis. Several State Agriculture department officials also participated in the programme.

Suraksha Hamesha Stewardship Program will strive to educate the community of farmers on the concepts of safe farming and sustainable agriculture practices.