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New Walls. No Smell.

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Good looking walls that carry no smell 

It’s the festive season, the perfect time to paint your home. Normally, painting the home is a massive undertaking in most Indian households – the furniture is moved out of harm’s way, the painters are given a free rein and the family is getting ready to deal with the smell that comes with freshly painted walls.

But the smell of painted walls is not just a discomfort. It is dangerous too. It is one of the most common indoor air pollutants and the odour is the result of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions from the paints. You will notice that the smell is the strongest when the paint has just been applied. Some VOCs may continue to be emitted for years after the completion though the smell will not be easily detected. 

VOCs can cause respiratory issues arising from irritated airways, resulting in wheezing, asthma, obstructive bronchitis, etc. They are especially harmful to young children, senior citizens and pregnant women. Studies show that long term exposure to VOCs can increase the risk of damage to the central nervous system, kidneys and liver as well.

So what should you do?

Use near-zero VOC paints

Low or even near-zero VOC paints provide the maximum bang for your buck and no difference in color performance on your walls. They are less toxic and low-odour. The paints are formulated to spread and last as effectively as other paint varieties, but minimize the accompanying health hazards.

The benefits of near-zero VOC paints

Near-zero VOC paints keep VOC amount at minimal and are less harmful to humans, animals or the environments compared to those with higher VOC level. Known as ‘eco-friendly’ paints, near-zero VOC paints are recommended for use in spaces inhabited especially by senior citizens, pregnant women and children as they minimize the chances of aggravating existing respiratory or other medical conditions. They can be used in most places including mission critical facilities such as clean rooms and operating rooms.

Due to low fumes or odours arising from the paint, the painted areas can be occupied sooner, thereby saving time and rental money! 

BASF’s paint solutions include special ‘binders’ in the paint and dispersion powders that are used in the production and formulation of paints, that will eventually make the end-product far less toxic with low odour. BASF’s Acronal® ECO range consists of the latest innovation, Acronal ECO 7653 – the 3rd generation, near-zero VOC low odour stain-resistant polymer dispersion for interior paints. Other low-VOC products such as Acronal ECO 338, Acronal ECO 702, Acronal ECO 9056 binding agents, form an important component in water-based paints, making the end-products environment-friendly while offering excellent coverage and vivid colours.

Painting a house is to enhance its beauty, and joyous for the occupants. Let us keep it hazard-free and safe.

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