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Innovative catalyst technology puts an end to the hazardous vehicle emissions

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There are currently more than half a billion cars and two hundred million trucks on the roads worldwide. While this raises environmental concerns, health hazards from exhaust gases emitted by these vehicles do not necessarily have to be one, if treated appropriately. The key to cleaning exhaust gases lies in the conversion of harmful vehicle emissions into harmless end products by catalytic converters. These converters are undoubtedly the most important pollution abatement device ever invented and is a key component of most new car engines in the world today.

BASF pioneered the development of the first catalytic converters way back in 1975, and a year later introduced a second major innovation: the ‘three-way’ catalyst, which is capable of clearing over 90% of hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) produced by car engines. Continuing its tradition of innovation, the latest component FWC™ (Four-Way Conversion) catalyst goes a step further to remove Particulate Matter (PM), as well as CO, HC and NOx from gasoline-engine exhaust. In addition, BASF’s range of small engine catalysts for two-wheelers is designed to cut more than half of the pollution from two- and four-stroke engines that run on gasoline fuel.

Since its inception, BASF’s catalyst technology has removed over 1 billion tons of HC, NOx and CO before they ever reached the atmosphere. With its significant investments in research and development, BASF offers innovative catalyst solutions to control vehicle emissions and deliver cost-effective regulatory compliant solutions for light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles, natural gas vehicles and motor cycles. These emission-control technologies enable cleaner air for a healthier and more sustainable future. In addition, they have developed catalysts for use in air purifiers that can remove formaldehyde, ozone and other pollutants from indoor air, thereby improving the indoor air quality. BASF obtained ‘The Sustainability award’ by Chrysler Group LLC for its long-term commitment to environmental sustainability with their innovative catalyst solutions. 

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