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Insulate, Save and Sustain


Humans are comfortable in a temperature of 21° to 26° C. There are two ways to achieve this comfort

1. Heat/Cool our living and work environment

2. Prevent entry of heat/cold in our living and work spaces

Global warming has brought the focus on our need to be eco-sensitive and hence the former option is not a sustainable one. Builders, Architects and Service Consultants alike are constantly looking for ways to enhance energy-efficiency in buildings through sustainable construction.

Innovation in construction and insulation techniques is bringing in more efficiency into a building.

  • Reduced need for heating or air-conditioning
  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • Increased resistance to moisture and air infiltration thereby ensuring higher levels of immunity from diseases for its residents
  • Maintain comfort temperature by reducing leakages

With the advent of green technologies and practices, today the potential to save energy by design can be as high as 40-50 %, and of this, upto 5-8% from insulation techniques.

Insulation solutions for living spaces

In a building, the major sources of heat/cold exchange are the ROOF and WALLS, collectively called the ‘Building Envelope’. Energy efficiency can be achieved by insulating these sources.

Roof Insulation products

Roof Insulation involves a combination of Thermal Insulation, Waterproofing and Slope Built-up.

More specifically, Insulation can be achieved using any of these BASF products

  • Peripor board (Polystyrene): A high-density EPS Board that offers Compressive Strength: 220-250 kN/m2, Thermal Conductivity (k): 0.032 W/mK and Water Absorption (% vol): <0.05%
  • Elastopor board (PU): A high-density PUR Board that offers Compressive Strength: 250-260 kN/m2, Thermal Conductivity (k): 0.025 W/mK and Water Absorption (% vol): <0.1%
  • Elastospray/Masterseal 755 SPF (Spray PU): A high-density PUR Spray that offers Compressive Strength: 250-260 kN/m2, Thermal Conductivity (k): 0.023 W/mK and Water Absorption (% vol): <0.1%

Wall Insulation products

Wall Insulation involves a combination of Thermal Insulation, and Finish Coat.

Insulation and Finish are offered by the BASF product –EIFS or External Insulation & Finishing System. EIFS is the most popular cladding for buildings, wherein the system is designed to allow water to egress from the wall cavity and reinforced with a secondary air/water resistive barrier.

Elastospray™ high thermal insulation spray foam is applied directly to the dust-free wall at specific points without a primer. A special primer plaster is applied directly to the cured insulating layer as an adhesion promoter for the final decorative render system. Dowelling of the insulation or incorporation of a fabric layer required with conventional systems is not required.

As the key player in the area of Roof & Wall Insulation, BASF offers a Total Thermal Insulation & Waterproofing System, acting as a one-point source for Consultant, Contractor & Material. This is complemented by technical support and dedicated applicators onsite.