Examples of biodiversity projects

Palm Dialog

BASF wants to ensure that its renewable-based products are made from sustainably sourced raw materials. 

Philippines and Indonesia

Together with partners, BASF has established a certified coconut oil supply chain. It will improve the livelihood of coconut farmers in the Philippines and Indonesia.


In May 2016, BASF, Arkema, Jayant Agro-Organics Ltd. and Solidaridad launched the project "Pragati" to improve working conditions, create awareness for sustainable farming and increase yields due to more efficient farming practices.


We have joined the French Bee Biodiversity Network.
The French Bee Biodiversity Network numbers over 300 partners, including scientists, beekeepers, farmers and private companies. Its goal is to enhance honey bee and pollinator populations in France.

South America

The Mata Viva® initiative in Brazil was founded in 1984, to protect water quality, conserve soil, and create areas to preserve native vegetation and wildlife.


Since 2006, BASF has partnered with Targanine from the region of Agadir. The program aims to foster preservation of the argan forest with help of the local population. The oil and its by-products are supplied to BASF under fair-trade conditions.


With the "Lark Bread" project, BASF is supporting farmers in Germany in a community pilot project to promote biodiversity while being economically productive.

CHS Inc. accepts the BASF Monarch Challenge


Through the Living Acres #MonarchChallenge, we are helping to restore the monarch butterfly population in the United States. Since its start 2015, the challenge has been flourishing, with farmers, farm families and golf courses stepping up and getting involved in the program.