Lutropur® MSA range

Application: Various, e.g. Metal Surface Treatment, Cleaning, Chemical Processing, Biofuels, Mining, Drilling

Sustainability performance:

  • Strong and odorless organic acid with superior efficiency
  • Part of the natural sulfur cycle, readily biodegradable
  • Unique, more efficient and safer production process than competition (e.g. no co-product, air oxidation instead of chlorine oxidation)
  • Replacement of acids with low environmental and health profile (HCl, HF, PSA, HBF4, HNO3, etc.)
  • Highly efficient catalyst with low side product formation
  • Enabler for second generation biofuel technologies (biofuel from waste streams) 


Strong organic acid with high efficiency and low environmental impact


Product information

Sustainability Criteria:

Health & Safety



Resource efficiency

Cost savings

Emission reduction