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Good Coolant Campaign

Learn more about engine coolants


Be aware of fake coolants / sub-stand coolants! 

A fake coolant contains only water and a dye. It lacks performance additives and will therefore cause the following damages that eventually lead to car overheating;

1. Corrosion of the water pump impeller
2. Lime deposits and corrosion in the water pump
3. Coolant leakage
4. Damaged bearing as a consequence of coolant leakage 


The correct engine coolant cannot be identified by the colour alone

The colour of an engine coolant is not indicative of its chemical and/or technical properties. Colour is often defined by the approval specification of the vehicle manufacturer. A Good Quality Coolant is more than colour, it is performance.
Colored solution_coolant.png

Changing the engine coolant at regular intervals is important

Please take note of the respective vehicle manufacturers recommendations. Changing the coolant every three to four years is recommended. This is important as the inhibitors in the coolant gradually degrade thus limiting the comprehensive corrosion protection offered by A Good Quality coolant.
new radiator rust.jpg

Corrosion inhibitors play a decisive role in protecting the engine

High temperatures and the presence of water in the cooling system are the origin of corrosion. A Good Quality Coolant is formulated with additives called corrosion inhibitors to protect all the component parts of the cooling system, from the metals in the engine block and radiator to the various plastics used for the hoses. 
radiator corrosion 3.jpg

Preventing deposits in the cooling system ensures an efficient heat transfer 

A Good Quality Coolant must prevent scale formation in cooling systems. Scale can block the narrow channels in the cooling system and prevent heat from being transferred to the ambient air. This can easily lead to overheating, particularly, in the summer months.

Protection against cavitation in a high-pressure environment

High temperatures, high pressure drops and vibration in the cooling system can cause cavitation. Rapidly expanding gas bubbles can etch deep holes into the metal and damage the cylinder head, wet cylinder liners and water pump. A Good Quality Coolant  is formulated with  additives that build a protective layer in the cooling system thus preventing cavitation damage to the engine.
BASF Coolant_Saves-Time.jpg

Saves you time

Your car will not stall due to overheating cutting short your journey
BASF Coolant_Saves-Money.jpg

Saves you money

No expensive engine repairs caused by corrosion damage and overheating
BASF Coolant_Means-Safety.jpg

Means safety

Your car will not stall at unsafe time or unsecure place due to overheating

Enquire about Good Quality Coolant solutions

You will find many Good Quality coolants in your market. Visit the links below for more information on some Good Quality Coolants.