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Statement Ukraine

BASF strongly condemns the attack on Ukraine ordered by the Russian government. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and hope that this war ends as fast as possible.

A crisis team continues to support BASF employees in Ukraine. To help people in Ukraine, BASF has provided 1 million euros in emergency aid to the German Red Cross. In addition, BASF will match the amount of an  employee donation campaign.

Since March 3, BASF does not conduct new business in Russia and Belarus. An exception are products supporting food production, as the war holds the risk to trigger a global food crisis. We are following political decisions and are adhering to applicable laws, regulations and international rules. We also take responsibility for the safety of our chemical production site in Russia and continue with its maintenance.

BASF will evaluate these decisions and other matters related to this evolving situation on an ongoing basis.

A picture of the Ukraine flag
Last Update May 31, 2022