2018년 6월 15일 (금)

BASF launches Provisia™ Rice System delivering enhanced rotational strategy for crops worldwide

  • BASF reaffirms commitment to solving challenges faced by rice growers
  • U.S. approval and launch for Provisia Rice System for 2018 growing season
  • Global trajectory continues with anticipated launches in all rice-growing regions

BASF has officially launched the Provisia™ Rice System. This milestone reaffirms the company’s strategic commitment to deliver farmers new tools that help alleviate daily challenges of growing essential crops. Herbicide-resistant weeds are an ongoing challenge worldwide and this new technology provides a tool to remedy the intrusions. Featuring a non-genetically modified herbicide-tolerant rice, comprised of Provisia seed containing the Provisia trait, the system allows farmers to safely apply the broad-spectrum Provisia herbicide for post-emergence control of a wide range of weeds, including acetolactate synthase (ALS) resistant grasses, weedy rice, and red rice. The launch of the Provisia Rice System in the United States marks a key milestone towards the global registration of the technology.

Approved for commercialization in the 2018 season for the United States, BASF experts leveraged proprietary research to develop this system and complement the Clearfield® Production System for rice. Using the Provisia Rice System, farmers can rotate different herbicide modes of action (ALS, ACCase) for sustainable management of resistant rice types and annual grasses to enhance their ability to plant successfully on more acres.

“The launch and integration of Provisia Rice System with the Clearfield Production System marks another innovation that will deliver much needed new solutions for our customers, protecting harvests in a key crop,” said Jürgen Huff, Senior Vice President Global Strategic Marketing, BASF Crop Protection. “Our team is focused on products and partnerships that provide breakthrough technologies that matter globally. We are very proud of our ongoing contributions to the rice industry.”

Following the United States’ launch, BASF expects to have Provisia Rice System regulatory approvals in all regions where rice is grown, including South America, Asia and Europe, in the coming years. BASF continues to foster strong relationships that enhance delivery and access of the Provisia Rice System and the Clearfield Production System by working directly with seed partners around the world.

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News Release

News Release

Herbicide-resistant weeds are an ongoing challenge worldwide and Provisia™ Rice System provides a tool to remedy the intrusions.

Herbicide-resistant weeds are an ongoing challenge worldwide and Provisia™ Rice System provides a tool to remedy the intrusions.

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