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Since 1997 BASF offers the Kids’ and Teens’ Labs. A success story that started out as a “hands-on exhibition” in Ludwigshafen now fascinates children all over the world. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, BASF is hosting an experimentation program called “Clever Foodies” at many sites across the globe – from Brazil to Kenya to New Zealand.

The experimentation program focuses on a topic that affects us all: a healthy diet. Pitched at eight to twelve year olds, the program explores why fruit and vegetables are colorful and healthy. In exciting experiments, the children explore the substances contained in foods and learn methods to analyze them. “Clever Foodies” in that way boosts dietary awareness and healthier nutrition through the fun of experimentation.

To fit in with the theme, our global Kids’ Lab coordinators will be presenting an amazing experiment on this website to try out at home.

Experiment Kids’ Lab Tarragona

Isabel Gómez manages the Teens’ Lab and Kids’ Labs in Tarragona and supports other Kids’ Lab activities in Spain. “Sometimes we think that if we don’t have a lab it’s impossible to experiment. But chemistry is everywhere”, says Isabel. This is why kitchens are a perfect place for experimentation. A lot of chemical reactions occur while we are cooking or baking. And smelling and tasting food is also chemistry since it involves chemical reactions in the body.

To find out more try our Clever Foodies experiment “Intensive aroma”.

BASF in Tarragona has been hosting Kids’ Labs since 2011. The activities are carried out in the Visitor Center and are complemented by a site tour and a visit to the fire fighter park, to learn how important safety is for BASF.

Kids’ Labs Tarragona

  • Target group: Classes of elementary school students 8 to 12 years old from the Tarragona area
  • Programs: Water Loves Chemistry, Keep cool!, Clever Foodies
  • Visitor Numbers: More than 2700 children (2017)
  • Other events: BASF Open Day

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