Opportunities and risks report

The goal of BASF’s risk management is to identify and evaluate opportunities and risks as early as possible and to take appropriate measures in order to seize opportunities and limit business losses. The aim here is to avoid risks that pose a threat to BASF’s continued existence and to make improved managerial decisions to create lasting value. We understand risk to be any event that can negatively impact the achievement of our short-term operational or long-term strategic goals. We define opportunities as possible successes that exceed our defined goals.


In order to effectively measure and manage identified opportunities and risks, we quantify these in terms of probability and economic impact in the event they occur. We use statistical methods to aggregate opportunities and risks into risk factors. This way, we achieve an overall view of opportunities and risks at a portfolio level, allowing us to take effective measures for risk management.

Corporate Governance (Report 2017)

Corporate Governance (Report 2017)

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Last Update 27 February 2018