We carry out our corporate purpose, “We create chemistry for a sustainable future,” by pursuing ambitious goals along our entire value chain. In this way, we aim to achieve profitable growth and take on social and environmental responsibility. We are focusing on issues where we as a company can make a significant contribution.

Our Targets

Goal areas along the value chain

Growth and profitability

As determined in 2015, our aim for the years ahead is, on average, to grow sales slightly faster and EBITDA considerably faster than global chemical production (excluding pharmaceuticals; 2017: 3.5%; average change since 2015: 3.5%), and to earn a significant premium on our cost of capital. Moreover, we strive for a high level of free cash flow each year, either raising or at least maintaining the dividend at the prior-year level.

  2017 Change since 2016 Average change since 2015

€64.5 billion


3.7% 1


€12.7 billion


13.1% 1

Dividends per share paid out €3.00 €0.10  
Premium on cost of capital €2.7 billion    
Free cash flow €4.8 billion    

1 Baseline 2015: excluding the gas trading and storage business transferred to Gazprom

Last Update 27 February 2018