Activities not assigned to a particular division are reported in Other. These include the sale of raw materials, engineering and other services, rental income and leases, the steering of the BASF Group by corporate headquarters, and cross-divisional corporate research.

Cross-divisional corporate research, which also includes plant biotechnology research, works on long-term topics of strategic importance to the BASF Group. Furthermore, it focuses on the development of specific key technologies which are of central importance for the divisions.

Earnings from currency conversion that are not allocated to the segments are also reported under Other, as are earnings from the hedging of raw materials prices and foreign currency exchange risks. Furthermore, revenues and expenses from the long-term incentive (LTI) program are reported here.

Transfers between the segments are generally executed at adjusted market-based prices which take into account the higher cost efficiency and lower risk of Group-internal transactions. Assets, as well as their depreciation and amortization, are allocated to the segments based on economic control. Assets used by more than one segment are allocated based on the percentage of usage.

Last Update 15 June 2018