Long-term Performance

BASF share performance

The BASF share closed the 2017 stock market year with a closing price of €91.74. This equates to a 3.9% rise in the value of BASF shares compared with the previous year’s closing price, which also marked the high for 2016. Assuming that dividends were reinvested, BASF shares gained 7.4% in value in 2017. The benchmark indexes of the German and European stock markets – the DAX 30 and the EURO STOXX 50 – rose by 12.5% and 9.2% over the same period, respectively. The global industry index MSCI World Chemicals gained 23.6%.

The BASF share reached a new high of €97.46 over the course of 2017. Viewed over a 10-year period, the long-term performance of BASF shares still clearly surpasses the German, European and global benchmark indexes. The assets of an investor who invested €1,000 in BASF shares at the end of 2007 and reinvested the dividends in additional BASF shares would have increased to €2,676 by the end of 2017. This represents an annual yield of 10.3%, placing BASF shares above the returns for the DAX 30 (4.8%), EURO STOXX 50 (0.8%) and MSCI World Chemicals (6.8%) indexes.

Change in value of an investment in BASF shares in 2017

(With dividends reinvested; indexed)

Long-term performance of BASF shares compared with indexes

(Average annual increase with dividends reinvested)

Last Update 27 February 2018