Engineering; Promising, challenging and attractive


BASF; a place for ambitious engineers to apply their know-how for sustainable success.

BASF has a wealth of opportunities for talented, ambitious engineers from a variety of backgrounds, looking to develop a successful and fulfilling career in the Chemical Industry.

Modern chemical plants within BASF are highly complex, containing state of the art chemical processes, automation technologies and machinery. Maintaining, modifying and upgrading modern production facilities require highly competent engineers with exceptional technical and scientific knowledge. Efficiently operating our plants, with reliable equipment and stable processes poses major challenges to our engineers, as new technology and improvement ideas are constantly being generated and implemented to maintain our technological advantage.

Professional engineering roles include:

  • Process engineering and chemical engineering
  • Automation, control and electrical engineering
  • Mechanical, civil and construction engineering

Professionals in Engineering

Engineers are the foundation upon which BASF is built. Our company remains strong and vibrant because of the knowledge and expertise displayed by our engineering team globally.

Whether you’re an experienced engineer seeking an exciting challenge or a graduate seeking to develop a career in the chemical industry there are opportunities waiting for you at BASF. 

We employ experts in a variety of engineering disciplines including process, chemical, automation, electrical, mechanical and construction engineering.

As an Engineer working at BASF, you must have an understanding of the fundamentals of engineering and design and, in most cases, industry experience. You must also have demonstrated the ability to apply your expertise in areas such as design, construction, operations and maintenance.

As an experienced engineering professional, you will most likely begin your career at BASF within site services, working in capital projects or maintenance. Depending on your level of experience and qualification you could be considered for prospective roles in one of our many production units.

As an Engineer at BASF, you will be responsible for making decisions based on your knowledge and experience in a variety of areas such as design, technical evaluation, procurement, finance and operations. You could be a project leader responsible for managing technical design processes and teams of engineers and contractors.

BASF places high importance on developing employee’s core competencies and key skills through training and development programs and “on the job” training. Working as part of the engineering community, employees have opportunities to expand their technical knowledge in a wide range of specialist fields. There are also routes to develop competencies in leadership and management.

Opportunities to work within the Nordic countries and abroad are available for those wishing to experience different cultures within a global chemical company.