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SLENTITE® wins 2018 German Design Award

SLENTITE®, the high-performance insulation material from BASF based on PU aerogel, has received the 2018 German Design Award from the Design Council. The award ceremony took place at the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt on February 9th. The distinction was awarded for excellent product design in the Building and Elements category. The expert jury stressed particularly the varied opportunities that SLENTITE® offers architects, designers and planners as a result of its special product characteristics. The insulation panel, which consists of up to some 90% air and is breathable, permits up to 50% slimmer insulation than conventional materials – for maximum efficiency combined with high esthetic standards.

SLENTITE® has been undergoing development by a BASF team for several years now. Various projects in the construction sector are currently being realized with cooperation partners. The chemistry behind the new high-performance insulation is unique: SLENTITE® is the first breathable aerogel to be produced as a solid polyurethane panel. Its outstanding insulation performance is coupled with outstanding processing qualities. The clean, dust-free panels can be easily cut to size on site an applied directly to walls or coated beforehand. Thanks to this unparalleled combination of product features, SLENTITE® enables space-saving insulation solutions in both new builds and energy upgrades.  

Last Update 14 May 2019