Plastics & Rubber

Polyamide 6 Powder for Laser Sintering

BASF develops solutions for various 3D-Printing technologies, ranging from new materials development, to simulation services and consultancy for customers’ specific applications. BASF builds upon a breadth of decades-long experience in areas such as standard- and specialty plastics, composites, photopolymers, additives, finishing, coatings and other complementary fields – expertise that is unparalleled in the chemical industry.

In April 2016, BASF announced the launch of the first commercially available product, Polyamide-6 Powder for Laser Sintering. Its key features are high modulus, high strength and excellent thermal distortion stability. These properties ensure precise feature control, very good mechanical properties and simple surface reprocessing of 3D printed parts, in particular for complex shapes or structures. BASF PA6 Powder for Laser Sintering can fulfill the requirements of functional applications regarding high accuracy and mechanical strength as well as a high heat distortion temperature – properties, where existing 3D printing materials often show limitations.

BASF partners with companies producing 3D printers and with service companies providing support in best use of machines and materials, all under an open business model enabling customers to speak directly with experts to address their specific needs. In order to complete the range of possible services to our customers, BASF additionally operates an Application Technology Center (ATC) for 3D-Printing itself.

BASF bundles all activities pertaining to 3D Printing through BASF New Business GmbH (BNB). At K-Fair 2016, BNB will present parts and solutions for various 3D printing technologies, with a focus on laser sintered parts. We look forward to seeing you there!