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Sustainable Residential Construction in North America: The HP+ Wall System

How sustainable residential construction is implemented in the United States and Canada can be seen at this year’s K based on the example of the XR Series of the HP+ Wall System. The XR Series contains three of BASF’s innovative products:  

  • Neopor®, a graphite-enhanced rigid thermal foam insulation (with new flame retardant)
  • WALLTITE®, a high-performance insulating air barrier that also increases structural strength
  • MasterSeal® NP1™, a high-performance polyurethane sealant that creates—in combination with WALLTITE®—a superior air and vapour barrier

The HP+ Wall System is available in multiple assemblies in the North American market. Each is engineered to include a unique combination of the select products from BASF’s proven portfolio and to meet the demands of various climate zones as well as code requirements. The system combines advanced framing with foam sheathing and spray polyurethane foam in a composite design. It is a durable structural assembly that meets or exceeds codes while using less wood than traditional construction methods, resulting in exceptional energy and cost efficiency. The specially designed assemblies of the HP Wall+ System bring together select proven BASF products in a single, integrated system to deliver a holistic approach to residential construction. It is an excellent example to illustrate how different, reliable products from BASF can be combined to form a new and innovative approach to residential construction.

Find more information about the HP+ Wall System here and at our booth at K 2016!