Fuel and Lubricant Solutions 

The global business unit Fuel and Lubricant Solutions is a leading supplier to the transportation and mineral oil industries worldwide. Offerings cover fuel performance packages, refinery additives, polyisobutenes, engine coolants (Glysantin® brand) and brake fluids as well as lubricant additives, finished lubricants, synthetic base stocks and components for metalworking fluids. The business unit has its main facilities in Ludwigshafen, Germany, Cincinnati and Florham Park in the USA, Nanjing and Shanghai in China, as well as Sao Paulo, Brazil. Research and development is mainly driven out of Ludwigshafen, Germany, Tarrytown, USA and Shanghai, China.


Comprehensive product information about BASF's Components and Formulations for Fuel and Lubricant Solutions:

Components for Fuel and Lubricant Solutions 

Polyisobutenes (PIB)


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Lubricant Additives


Base Stocks & Components for Metalworking Fluids

Formulations for Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

Engine Coolants (GLYSANTIN®)


Brake Fluids



Fuel Performance Packages


Aviation Fuel Additives


Refinery Additives