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Aviation Fuel Additives

Kerojet® – Fuel Performance Packages

Making fuel deliver more performance and value

BASF is a leading supplier of fuel performance packages worldwide. Kerojet aviation fuel additives can help reduce the costs of aviation maintenance, reduce coking issues and sustain the efficient operation of high-performance gas turbines. Kerojet additives will improve health and safety for maintenance crews by avoiding the use of less suitable additive solutions and regular draining procedures to prevent ice formation and bacteria developing in the fuel system.


  • Saving costs
  • Maintaining efficiency
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Improved thermal stability
  • Delivering performance

Kerojet Aquarius

BASF's Innovative Water Scavenger Additive - a milestone in improving both flight safety and aircraft usage

Kerojet 100 Thermal Stability Additive

Kerojet 100, the 2nd generation thermal stability additive, has
been developed for and approved by the USAF.

Kerojet® 8118 aviation fuel static

Kerojet 8118 can be added to all aviation
jet fuels and has a flashpoint > 55 ºC.


Aviation fuel may contain a small amount of dissolved water. At the low temperatures prevailing at high altitudes, the water may phase-separate and freeze, leading to the formation of ice crystals that may block filters or fuel pathways.