Fuel and Lubricant Solutions


BASF’s finished lubricants ensure first-class results in terms of gear wear, seal life, fluid oxidation and oil life. The synthetic lubricants also help to improve energy efficiency which reduces fuel consumption and decreases CO2 emissions. BASF formulates driveline lubricants recognized as the industry standard.

Transmission Lubricants

BASF's Emgard® transmission lubricants enable original equipment manufacturers which serve the world’s largest producers of commercial vehicles to warranty their components for medium- and heavy-duty trucks up to 500,000 miles ex-factory without needing a lubricant change. This means extending drain intervals six times over standard mineral lubricants. BASF Lubricants allow for longer maintenance intervals and reduced oil usage as well as less downtime and considerably lower operating costs.

In addition to comprehensive laboratory analyses, we also believe in conducting long-time tests under real conditions. We filled the transmission and axle of a major heavy duty truck OEM with our synthetic lubricant. After 1.6 million miles without changing the axle and transmission fluids, we removed the parts and could detect no signs of wear or deposits. One of the reasons for this is our transportation lubricant’s constant viscosity within a temperature range of +40°C to -40°C (+104°F to -40°F). This prevents material damage and power loss in cold start-up situations, as well as insufficient lubrication at high temperatures. With conventional, petroleum-based products, the lubricating film could tear in such cases.


30 times around the world


without changing the axle and transmission oil


In actual field use, our products have protected trucks for over 1.6 million miles without a lubricant change. The advantage for the automotive industry and consumers: BASF Transmission and Axle Lubricants enable warranties up to 750,000 miles with oil changes at 500,000 miles. 

Axle Lubricants

BASF's Emgard® axle lubricants provide measurable fuel savings, maximum component life and reduced used oil disposal. Our range of fluids provides high-performance lubricants that extend drain intervals and enhance service life, as well as improving operation by giving the drive train maximum protection from wear.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Help reduce carbon dioxide emissions with Emgard® FE 75W-90. According to the U.S. EPA, each gallon of diesel fuel emits 22.2 pounds of carbon dioxide. Emgard® FE 75W-90 can help reduce CO2 emissions by at least 4,440 lbs/yr per truck.

Less wear and sludge

With Emgard®, drive axles and manual transmissions are better protected against wear, corrosion and pitting. The oil itself has outstanding oxidation and aging stability which reduces sludge. It forms a durable film that protects against rust from moisture, reduces wear and extends equipment life by improving heat management during vehicle operation.

Temperature stability

The suitability for application under extreme temperature conditions is an improvement over conventional, mineral-based oils, as its performance at high and low temperatures is better. It can be used at temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees to plus 40 degrees centigrade, and it has an extremely low pour point.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Ease of use
  • Enhanced axle efficiency
  • Labeling: seals of approval
  • OEM warranty coverage

Industrial Lubricants

BASF also offers finished lubricant solutions for industrial applications:

  • Gear oils
  • Compressor oils