Who we are

Collaborations with academia

Our global network with excellent universities, research institutes and companies is an important part of our Know-How Verbund. We collaborate with them in order to achieve our growth targets.

In our collaborations we offer scientists from universities and research institutes the opportunity to participate in close-to-practice research projects and thereby to create added value for our society by developing innovative solutions. Therefore, we maintain close relations with many universities and research institutes around the world. We collaborate with many individual research groups all over the world. Collaboration is all about bringing the right people together to work on challenging and meaningful problems. BASF is  highly interested to invest in such relationships to grow together with its partners.

With our Strategic Research Alliances, we take collaboration one step further: Our Strategic Research Alliances focus on research groups from multiple universities in regional proximity or with specific research focuses and thus form a global network of our world class academic partners. The network is complemented by approximately 350 universities and research institutions. UNIQUE - The BASF Academic Partnership Program -  is being further developed within the Strategic Research Alliances and these bilateral collaborations.

A dedicated scientist from BASF, the so called Academic Partnership Developer (APD) is assigned to the Strategic Research Alliance. He resides on site. It is his job to connect the Strategic Research Alliance with BASF, and to represent BASF at the Strategic Research Alliance. The APD is actively looking for new technologies of interest to BASF, and identifies opportunities and initializes new collaboration projects. In some cases a framework agreement between BASF and the Strategic Research Alliance enables a fast start of new projects. In other cases, the APD will facilitate the contract between the legal departments of the Strategic Research Alliance and BASF.