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Lots have happened since the first reference to sales in Scandinavian countries was recorded by BASF (the Badische Anilin & Soda-Fabrik AG) back in 1888. Please find below a chronology of BASF in Norway.

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2018 Pronova BioPharma Norge AS in legally merged into BASF AS

2016 Due to reorganization within BASF in Europe, Country Cluster Nordic/Baltic is formed in January, and Mark Meier is appointed Managing Director Nordic/Baltic.
BASF SE aquires Chemetall GmbH (including Chemetall AB) in December

2015 BASF celebrates its 150 year anniversary. The year begins with a new brand presence: “The Chemical Company” is replaced with “We create chemicstry”. The new claim refers to innovation and cooperation: We develop solutions with others – with clients, with scientists and within the BASF Verbund. In short, “We create chemistry” represents the core of our company and of the BASF brand.

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2013  BASF acquires Pronova BioPharma ASA, January

2011 October 1, Cognis company Napro Pharma AS legally merged with BASF AS

2010 BASF acquires Napro Pharma AS (a member of the Cognis Group), December

2009 BASF acquires CIBA Holding AG (April 9)

2008 BASF Construction Chemicals Norway AS in legally merged into BASF AS.
Wintershall acquires the former Norwegian oil and gas company Revus Energy ASA.

BASF’s acquisition of Degussa AG’s global construction chemicals business gives BASF majority shares in Degussa Construction Chemicals Norway AS, which is renamed BASF Construction Chemicals Norway AS.

2005 Wintershall Norge AS is established, a subsidiary of the BASF Group company Wintershall AG.

1999 BASF takes over the global coil coatings business of Norsk Hydro ASA (Oslo), which is comprised of the Hydro Coatings Group, UK.

1998 BASF Norge AS is renamed BASF AS.

1986 Glasurit Norge is established as a distributor of car repair paints.

BASF Norge AS merges with B. Bakke AS to BASF Norge AS. The company mainly sells plastics, excipients, chemicals and pigments.

1970 Petter Endresen Etf. AS is renamed BASF Norge AS, with its head offices in Oslo.

1970 Petter Endresen Etf. AS is renamed BASF Norge AS, with its head offices in Oslo.

1956 The Petter Endresen Eftf. organization is converted to an incorporated company. BASF acquires shares in Petter Endresen Eftf. AS.

1949 - 1955 Cooperation with Norwegian agents and distributorships resumes in 1949. Representatives include Petter Endresen (Oslo) – later Petter Endresen Etf. –, Keddell & Bommen AS (Oslo) and B. Bakke (Bergen).

1926 AG A/S Anilin (Oslo) is the appointed paints distributor from 1932 onward.

1925 The six largest German chemical companies – including BASF – merge to form “Interessengemeinschaft Farbenindustrie Aktiengesellschaft“ (I.G. Farben).

1888 - 1906
The BASF commercial records for 1888 contain the first direct reference to sales in Scandinavian countries. In 1890, Scandinavia accounted for 1.6% of total BASF sales.