BASF New Business GmbH


It takes a great deal of courage, creativity, flexibility and perseverance to track down a potentially ground-breaking innovation, develop it for market roll-out and ultimately establish it successfully in the market.

How we work: Market focus and flexibility

To realize our innovation process, we have created a working environment that leverages agile methods and iterative business experiments. This allows us to rapidly convert ideas into demonstrators or prototypes and continuously test these on the market, beginning in the early stage. Feedback from our customers helps us ensure right from the start that we are accurately creating products, technologies or solutions that are highly mature and attractive and offer individual benefits for each target group. In this way, we significantly increase the likelihood of success in the market.

We have set up our organization to reflect this process. In the early phase, we work with small, flexible teams, which we then expand during the development of the business and convert to startup-style structures. Our employees are distinguished by a high degree of entrepreneurial commitment, personal initiative and flexibility. These qualities go hand in hand with specific industry and technical expertise.

Where do you see yourself?

As an employee in the Industry Foresight group, you will identify and analyze business opportunities outside of BASF’s portfolio. Your aim is to develop a focused, logical and practical forward-looking view to enable a better understanding of the future.

As part of the Scouting group, you will assess the new business ideas identified by the Industry Foresight unit and further develop them to the stage of initial market entry strategies.

As an employee in the Business Build-Up team, you will create new business for BASF in a marketing, sales or technology role. Currently, we are focusing our Business Build-Up activities on solutions in the areas of 3D-Printing, E-Power Management and Functional Feed Additives.