BASF New Business GmbH

Chemovator: Protected space for BASF-employees with business idea

The Chemovator GmbH is the business incubator of BASF, available for all BASF-employees. Complementary to the existing innovation landscape of BASF, Chemovator offers a protected space to accelerate speed to market for new products, digital business models or comprehensive all-round solutions – significant is the reference to chemistry.

Markus Bold
Markus Bold
Head of Chemovator

External startup expertise for internal Venture Teams

From early orientation phase to successfull commercialization all Venture Teams work with experienced entrepreneurs, who have built startups and new businesses from scratch. Their support ranks from coaching and mentoring to providing extended network opportunities.

Unconventional startup environment

The wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF New Business GmbH is located in Mannheim. Here Chemovator offers an unconventional startup environment for up to 12 Vernture Teams with plenty of space for experimentation.