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Functional Feed Additives

Healthy animal nutrition for sustainable wellbeing

Healthy nutrition is key to a healthy animal – both in livestock and aquaculture. And this is precisely the goal that the Business Build-Up “Functional Feed Additives” of BASF New Business is targeting with its innovative feed additives.

In close collaboration with the business unit Animal Nutrition at BASF's operating division Nutrition & Health (EN), BASF New Business is commercializing glycerides from short and medium-chain fatty acids as performance and health-promoting feed additive in animal nutrition for livestock and aquaculture. These individual product mixtures of naturally occurring monoglycerides promote both the growth of these animals as well as their health – and thus supports the overall vitality.

Another important advantage of the innovative feed additives of the Business Build-Up “Functional Feed Additives”: the reduction in the use of antibiotics in animal nutrition. As in humans, antibiotics are used in animals as medicine to treat diseases. But to promote growth they are also used in healthy animals. However, in targeted disease treatment this can ultimately result in decreased effectiveness of antibiotics. Accordingly, the use of antibiotic performance promoters in animal nutrition is now being increasingly regulated worldwide, and in some cases prohibited.

The innovative feed additives of BASF New Business, however, provide healthy animal nutrition for sustainable wellbeing in swine and poultry as well as in fish and shrimps. Especially in the aquaculture applications segment, the Business Build-Up Functional Feed Additives aims to develop a sophisticated product portfolio as a second pillar and growth driver for BASF.

Head of a piglet
Daniel Aydin
Dr. Daniel Aydin
Head of Functional Feed Additives
With our product range, we are able to offer our customers innovative solutions to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal feed. Authorities and customers have shown great acceptance for the product, as have end customers. At the same time, BASF New Business and the EN operating division have opened the door to new business with excellent growth opportunities for BASF.”

Last Update March 23, 2022