Comprehensive solutions for long-lasting Infrastructure projects

Infrastructure is an integral part of the social environment, and possess an ever-lasting demand for more durable, safer, and sustainable solutions. These demands induce infrastructure solutions to have a longer lifetime while reducing the time and cost of construction, and to advance occupational safety.


BASF offers a variety of innovative and sustainable solutions for infrastructure projects in a wide range of application areas through a broad technology know-how coupled with global reach of expertise.

Curing compounds are used to retain water in the concrete curing process that are crucial for developing concrete strength and durability.

Anti-carbonation coatings are used to prevent carbon dioxide penetration into the concrete and reduce the risk of steel corrosion for longer durability while maintaining a good aesthetic appearance.

Water-based pavement marking has superior environmental impact with low VOC emissions against solvent-borne markings with quick drying properties and enhanced wash-out resistance.

The modifiers for asphalt performance enhancement are designed to improve the mechanical properties of pavements. This results in greater durability, increased driving comfort, reduced road maintenance costs and less impact on the environment. 


Other applications