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Solutions from the Nature – Sovermol®

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‘We create chemistry’ is the key value for BASF, and we continuously seek for more sustainable solution sourcing from nature.

As bio-based polyols, Sovermol® has been specially designed for application in flooring coating, waterpipe coating, adhesive and putty applications. It aids to safe and clean pipe surface for drinking water; it provides comfortable, elastic and reliable flooring coating for gyms or kindergartens; it offers green protection to our wind energy equipment for clean energy to enlighten our home and life with be-loved family. Furthermore, Sovermol® can be used to formulate low VOC or solvent-free coating system as well as alternative coating for BPA containing epoxy system in certain applications.

Sovermol® products are polyfunctional alcohols made of renewable raw materials such as rapeseed oil, castor oil, soybean oil and palm kernel oil. Based on BASF advanced technology, Sovermol® is added 2 functional groups Polyester and Polyester in one molecule which well balance Hydrolysis stability and Hydrophobic properties respectively. This uniqueness enriches Sovermol® properties like good adhesion, excellent workability and good weathering.

These natural oil-based polyos help you to comply with environmental standards while meeting even the toughest coating requirements. What’s more – improving the environmental profile of your process will make your products more attractive to both existing and new potential customers.


Key Products of Sovermol Series

Sovermol® 805

  • Universal polyol with cost effectiveness
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Good shore D hardness (D~70)

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Sovermol® 815

  • Low viscosity universal polyol
  • Binder for pigment pastes
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good Hydrophobicity
  • Good elastic memory effect

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Sovermol® 819

  • Low viscosity universal polyol
  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • Highly recommended for flooring coating in high humidity condition
  • Good self-leveling properties
  • Good bonding properties
  • Drinking and potable water application possible

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Sovermol® 750

  • High Tg polyol for UV stable and weathering resistant coatings and floorings
  • High shore D hardness (D~80)
  • Good hydrophobicity
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Hydrolysis stable

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