In dialog with society

By participating in the public debate, we want to contribute to an objective and constructive discussion.

This also allows us to exchange different arguments and promotes an understanding of the wishes and concerns of our stakeholders. Only with this knowledge can we respond adequately and decide upon suitable measures.


BASF Dialog Forum Nano

BASF is the first and so far only company in Germany to organize a regular dialog forum. At the Dialog Forum Nano founded in 2008, we meet with representatives of environmental and consumer organizations, trade unions, scientific institutes and churches to discuss current political and social developments and issues.

After completion of the first dialog phase, in 2011 we again broadened the circle of participants to include representatives of close-to-consumer companies. The participants cooperate in developing recommendations on how to ensure that information and transparency can be guaranteed throughout the product lifecycle of nanomaterials.

Final reports:

BASF Dialogforum Nano 2009/2010

BASF Dialogforum Nano 2009/2010

Dialogforum Nano of BASF 2011/2012

Dialogforum Nano of BASF 2011/2012

Dialogforum Nano of BASF 2014/2015

Dialogforum Nano of BASF 2014/2015

Info portal for consumers

The DaNa project has set itself the goal of recording, assessing and presenting in an accessible manner social relevant data and knowledge relating to nanomaterials. The prepared data are then for example published on the internet. Besides information about the current uses of nanomaterials, consumers will also find material relating to ongoing projects in research and risk research. BASF is supporting this project and providing data from its safety research.  


Consumer congress: Baden-Württemberg Citizens' Dialog

In December 2011, BASF took part in the consumer congress "Small particles, big questions!" sponsored by the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry for Rural Areas and Consumer Protection. Around 200 citizens took the opportunity to enter into discussions with experts from science, industry, environmental and consumer organizations, politics and administration and clarify unresolved issues surrounding nanotechnology.

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Cooperation with Eco-Institute

Together with the Eco-Institute, BASF has participated in developing a technique for assessing the sustainability of nanoproducts. The new hardening accelerator X-Seed from BASF, among other products, was taken as an example and was analyzed on the basis of the key indicators environmental and climate protection, occupational safety and health protection, benefit aspects and socio-economic aspects.

Nano Sustainability Check (in German)