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Acute Medical Care

Emergency Management

Acute Medical Care

Our emergency medical team within the Corporate Health Management department is a key player in assuring safety, one of our top priorities at BASF Ludwigshafen.

We have a team of senior emergency physicians, emergency physicians, senior paramedics, paramedics as well as a fleet of ambulances. The respective employees have an excellent knowledge base in both medical and chemical domains. They are highly qualified and are very familiar with the BASF layout.

Similar to other emergency medical services, we are ready to respond to a broad spectrum of emergency situations, such as acute, potentially life-threatening health conditions and injuries. In addition, we are trained to treat patients who have accidentally been in direct contact with toxic chemicals or emissions and to respond to major incidents.

Our emergency medical team is available around the clock and is prepared to reach any location within the BASF Ludwigshafen site in the shortest amount of time. In serious emergency situations, the emergency team transports the patient after the initial assessment and treatment, to the site medical clinic or, in certain situations, directly to a medical specialist or a hospital in proximity for further medical attention. During major incidents, we can reinforce our personnel and material resources at short notice. Two additional emergency clinics at the site can also be activated.

The team "Human Toxicology and Product Stewardship" is responsible for the assessment of the toxicity of substances in humans, for example during accidental exposure through direct contact or emissions. The human toxicology on-call duty is available during off-hours, such that a 24-hour service for public information for the neighboring communities and the authorities is guaranteed. A tape-based special information service is available for physicians in the region providing them with specific therapy recommendations.

In cooperation with external experts, we have developed the "Chemical Emergency Medical Guidelines" for particularly toxic chemicals. These guidelines are specifically directed towards first aiders, paramedics, and physicians both on site and in hospitals who occasionally have to treat patients who have been accidentally exposed to one of these chemicals. There is also written information available for patients.

These guidelines are so far worldwide unique. They are catalogued on this BASF Internet website and are thus available to the general public.

We work jointly with the fire brigade, corporate security, external emergency services, hospitals and the official authorities to conduct a major alarm drill twice a year. In the case of a real emergency, site employees who are trained as first aiders by our emergency medical team can be called into action (according to German legislation).

Site Clinics

The central clinic of BASF Ludwigshafen is open 24 hours year round. There are two smaller clinics in the Agrocenter at Limburgerhof and on the Friesenheimer Insel to ensure acute medical care at these locations, too.

The spectrum of illnesses and injuries that can occur day-to-day ranges from the common cold to a heart attack, from a slight cut to a life-threatening injury. In such cases, the BASF clinics serve as an important base for initial treatment. The doors are open to all BASF employees, contractors, as well as guests visiting BASF. An appointment is not necessary.

Patient confidentiality is respected in the BASF clinics, as is the case with private clinics and hospitals. Neither personal medical data, nor information about treatment, nor issues discussed between patient and doctor are provided to the employer.

Our medical personnel carry out the required diagnostic tests and the initial treatment. If necessary, our team also organizes and coordinates follow-up treatment with the family doctor, with a specialist, or in a specialized clinic.