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Health Promotion

As early as in 1997, BASF adopted the Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health Promotion in the European Union. Besides reduction of health risks at the workplace, preventive measures such as physical exercise to prevent back pain, courses on stress management and dietary consultations are contributing to health promotion at the workplace. Thus, at the same time linking workplace prevention and personal prevention

Within BASF, we have a successfully working system of exactly matching examination and prevention modules. In order to identify the needs in preventive health, we use the findings from our regularly published health reports or from our occupational physical examinations to derive interventions aimed at specific target groups, with regard to employees, workplace or site.

The BASF health prevention activities and health promotion campaigns are clearly structured and are scientifically evaluated in the end. Specialists in occupational medicine and health protection, the on-site canteens and pronova BKK, the company health insurance, work in close collaboration regarding workplace prevention and personal prevention. The organizational basis for this cooperation is the working group "Health", a highly ranked committee in the company hierarchy.

Global Health Campaign

Protect yourself and others - stay healthy in 2020

In these corona pandemic times, preventive measures such as hygiene, vaccinations and infection prevention are in the foreground. The Corporate Health Management department provides employees with information and offers on the intranet to support them during the crisis and to make a contribution to their health. These include, for example, special offers for working remotely from home, video clips and advice on topics such as nutrition, exercise / ergonomics and mental stress. A further focus in 2020 is the prevention of influenza. With various new approaches and digital solutions, the Corporate Health Management department supports BASF 4.0 and contributes to BASF's innovative strength with its support.

Year Title
2020 Protect yourself and others
We want to fulfil our mission, especially in times of Corona, and provide our employees with useful tips and suggestions on hygiene, infection protection, vaccinations and a healthy lifestyle, in addition to all the important up-to-date information on the Corona virus.
2019 Moment_to_moment (Mindfulness)
2017 Your lungs - your life
2016 Take it to Heart
2015 Mission Nutrition
2013 Global introduction of BASF Health Checks
2012 BASF Soundcheck
2011 healthyskin@work
2010 Global Vaccination Campaign
2009 Steps to Health
2008 Smoke-free
2007 Blood pressure
2006 Staying sweet sugar-free
2005 Trim down the pounds
2003 Smoke-free