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A systematic and structured approach of our daily work and of our targeted prevention campaigns sets an optimal stage for scientific evaluation of our findings by means of epidemiologic methodology and their publication in national and international scientific journals. At the same time, this also allows an effective quality control of our work.

Occupational epidemiology is the science of the incidence, prevalence, and causes of work-related illnesses. For a long time, we have been contributing to this field with the knowledge gained from targeted scientific studies.

We report on occupational medical findings from our daily practical work as well as on targeted scientific studies about specific problems of product safety and health protection. Many publications also deal with topics and general aspects of health promotion.

Our publications are mostly to be found in international journals with peer review. A compilation of all publications from 1986 onwards as well as reprints can be obtained on request by e-mail: Contact form

Publications 1992 - 2018