Markets We Serve

BASF harnesses the power of enzymes to create a broad range of specialty products that meet high-value commercial needs.

Animal Nutrition

Increase efficiency, promote growth and ensure long-term success.

Natuphos®, Natugrain® and Natuphos® Combi
When your animals’ digestion profits, you profit. BASF was a pioneer in bringing the first phytase Natuphos®, into the market more than 20 years ago. As powder, granulate or liquid – it improves feed conversion and reduces phosphorous and zinc excretion. The flexible NSP-enzyme Natugrain® improves nutrient digestion and feed conversion – also of feed with lower nutrient value (e.g. bran.)

Grain Processing

High performance industrial enzymes and solutions for grain processing and bio-ethanol production.

BASF enzymes have been tailored around important industry needs such as improved yield, superior process flexibility, and increased extraction of valuable co-products.

"With Fuelzyme® alpha-amylase, Pine Lake Corn Processors has been able to significantly reduce operating costs to a more manageable level."
- James Broghammer, CEO

Home Care and Industrial & Institutional Solutions

High performance enzymes enabling the next level of performance in detergents and cleaners

Lavergy™ enzymes are focused on the growing demand for efficient, safe, and resource-friendly detergents and cleaning agents. Combining Lavergy enzymes with our high-performance chemical ingredients enables more choices for customer formulations

Lavergy™ Pro 104 L is a high-performance liquid laundry protease with proven stain-removal performance, especially at low washing temperatures between 20° and 30° C.

Oilfield Solutions

High performance, safe and easy to use enzymes, which accelerate turn-around times and increase well production.

Eradicake® alpha-amylase - thermostable enzyme for filter cake removal. Eradicake is optimal in acidic conditions, cleans up starch filter cake and will not damage the wellbore.
Pyrolase® cellulases
- high temperature enzyme breakers. Pyrolase cellulases break a wide range of gel based fracturing fluids at high temperatures over a broad pH range. The enzymes are environmentally “green” additives and increase retained conductivity leading to high well productivity.

Roll of paper

Pulp and Paper

Do more with less.  Improve the brightness of your paper while reducing bleaching chemicals usage. 

Luminase® enzymes

Luminase® PB-100 and PB-200 enzymes are next generation, highly thermostable xylanases that enhance the reactivity of pulp fiber to bleaching chemicals, such as chlorine dioxide, ozone and hydrogen peroxide. 

® = registered trademark of BASF SE or BASF Enzymes, LLC (formerly Verenium Corporation) in several countries