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Inscalis® - Insecticide with unique mode of action

Uniting science and nature, Inscalis® insecticide sets a new standard in the piercing and sucking insect pest market, delivering exceptional control of aphids, whiteflies, jassids and psyllids.

Inscalis® insecticide’s unique mode of action is a result of collaborative and innovative scientific methods, like white biotechnology, leveraged to create a precise solution for controlling piercing-sucking pests, including hemiptera, such as aphids, whiteflies, psyllids, scales, and leafhoppers.
Derived from a natural fermentation process, Inscalis® has a favorable environmental profile exhibiting minimal impact to important beneficial arthropods and pollinators. With a quick onset of action, Inscalis® insecticide quickly stops insect pests’ feeding, reducing nutrient loss and vectoring of harmful viral/bacterial pathogens. The results are healthier plants and optimal yields with higher quality.


Fungal meshwork (mycelium) of the pyripyropene A (PPA) production strain Penicillium coprobium

PPA is the key component of Inscalis® insecticide. The fungus Penicillium coprobium produces the substance naturally. By optimizing the growth conditions and the chemical synthesis, scientists from BASF were able to significantly increase the yield.

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What is so special about Inscalis®? In this video, you will learn how Inscalis®
works on pests, useful insects and plants compared to conventional insecticides
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® = Inscalis is a BASF trademark registered in many countries of the world.