BASF New Business GmbH
BASF New Business GmbH

BASF is looking for movers and shakers for its new business incubator

BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, is in the process of setting up a business incubator. This will improve how we assess the feasibility of new ideas and help us to bring new developments to market even faster than before. To achieve these goals, BASF is looking to partner with successful entrepreneurs.

The plan is to have multiple venture teams working in the incubator. They will be tasked with swiftly turning promising chemicals-related ideas into robust business models. This will help BASF to become faster and more efficient at bringing new products and technologies to market.

Markus Bold
Head of Chemovator

Outside expertise paving the way for success

The Incubator is seeking successful entrepreneurs to support in maturing BASF venture team ideas. These entrepreneurs will help to select the venture teams and to assess whether their business ideas have what it takes to thrive in the market. They will then need to draw on their entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of the market to coach, guide and advise the venture teams within the incubator.

Helping exciting projects to break through

The incubator has been designed to allow the venture teams to draw on BASF’s existing technology expertise. It will operate a lean and agile infrastructure, with flat hierarchies to speed up decision making. Successful and proven entrepreneurs, including both experienced business angels and young start-up creators, will be required to support the Incubator venture teams. So if you are interested in working with a global market leader to get exciting business ideas off the ground, please contact Markus Bold as soon as possible. This is a fixed-term collaboration, with the option to work part-time.