BASF New Business GmbH

Our Solutions

In times when markets are rapidly changing, products and technologies that will be in demand tomorrow must be developed today. Our solutions focus especially on areas that we are convinced have high potential to revolutionize our world and open up promising new markets.


We are currently gearing our activities to four areas.

E-power Management

Resource-saving and CO2-optimized energy generation, transmission and storage as well as efficient use of energy are important future challenges. In this context, we are developing materials and technologies for the following applications:

Printed Organic Electronics

This technology is fundamentally changing our day-to-day interaction with electronics. It enables printing of functional inks directly on various substrates, such as plastic films or glass, and will in future also be compatible with paper and textiles. Printed organic electronics allows the development of novel flexible electronic components, for which we create new materials and formulations.

Wundpflege auf hohem Niveau / Advanced Wound Care

Smart Fleece

Luquafleece™, the superabsorbent nonwoven that can rapidly pick up or release moisture as required, is suitable for numerous applications, including functional textiles, moisture-regulating seats and innovative wound dressings.

Airless Tire / Luftloser Reifen

3D-Printing / Additive Manufacturing

Complex, previously almost unimaginable shapes can be rapidly and individually produced by 3D-printing. We supply materials and individual system solutions, thereby supporting our customers and cooperation partners in their progress toward industrial application of 3D-printing.