BASF New Business GmbH
BASF New Business GmbH

Scouting & Incubation

Global megatrends such as the growing world population, the rising demand for energy and raw materials as well as climate change are creating new challenges.

Identifying tomorrow’s market opportunities

The global Scouting & Incubation team of BASF New Business GmbH identifies new business areas and market opportunities outside the existing businesses of BASF. We evaluate how the company’s chemical and technological knowhow can contribute to the development of these business areas and make concepts ready for the market.

Dr. Joachim Rösch
Vice President Foresight & Scouting

Chemistry as a key to innovation

The chemical industry, and with it BASF, sees itself as a key driver of innovations. With new products, materials, systems and technologies, BASF makes an important contribution to sustainable solutions for the pressing problems of the future.

Innovations for future markets

We focus on identifying challenges and developing in response innovations in which chemistry plays a key role. The activities of BASF New Business GmbH center on the development of forward-looking concepts for the following industries served by BASF:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Consumer products
  • Electronics
  • Health and nutrition
  • Energy and resources

Innovation needs strong partners

To open up new subject areas, BASF New Business seeks contact with companies, start-ups, universities and research institutes and involvement in innovative projects and concepts in which chemistry plays a key role.

Interdisciplinary teamwork

Our Scouting & Incubation unit comprises the Industry Foresight and Scouting & Incubation teams. They work hand in hand to evaluate market trends, identify future markets, spot and develop trailblazing innovations, and implement them successfully in the market.

How we work

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