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NBD Nanotechnologies, Inc

NBD Nano offers hydrophobic, hydrophilic, oleophobic and oleophilic coatings, additives, and adhesives for any application, on any substrate, with unprecedented durability and adaptability. NBD Nano’s product offerings include RepelShellTM plastic additives that allow any plastic resin to become more repellent than the leading fluoropolymer technologies, and InvisiPrintTM coatings that significantly reduce fingerprint visibility on a variety of surfaces. NBD Nano’s platform technology allows for a tremendous variety of applications in electronics, consumer goods, and automotive.

NBD Nano was founded in 2012. We are invested in NBD Nano along with Phoenix Venture Partners and Henkel.

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Boston, MA, US




Functional coatings, additives, and adhesives



Dr. Jacob E. Grose
Investment Manager
BASF Venture Capital GmbH
Cambridge, USA

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