Through our local subsidiaries, BASF has been enabling manufacturers in various industries in the Philippines since 1963. BASF maintains its main office in Global City Taguig, Metro Manila and an agro research station in Bay, Laguna.

BASF’s Agricultural Research Station operates as a crop protection research and development center. It focuses on the laboratory, small scale and field testing of novel technologies for agricultural uses as part of BASF's global research effort in the field of agricultural solutions. These technologies include the screening and development of next generation agrochemicals comprising both synthetic and natural products, new formulations and innovative application and delivery solutions.

It maintains a range of locally available insects, weeds and plant diseases in order to conduct research on how to prevent the economic damage to major crops in the Philippines such as rice, corn, fruits and vegetables. It conducts the same kinds of experiments on tropical insect pests that are conducted on cooler climate pests at our facilities in Europe and the USA.

The research operation in the Philippines is important to BASF’s understanding of the relevance of BASF technologies to tropical agriculture and furthering the company’s objective of developing globally relevant solutions to improving pest management with safe products for the farmer, consumer and the environment.

The Agricultural Research Station in the Philippines is designed and operated as a state-of-the-art facility employing the same high levels of safety and environmental responsibility that BASF mandates at all its facilities in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.