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Work Life Management at BASF Coatings GmbH

Each stage in life comes with its own special challenges. With the vari­ety of offers for Work Life Management, our intention is to support our employees, for example, where they are trying to combine job, family and private life. Our flexible working time models provide a vital contribution to achieving this.

We place a lot of value in ensuring not only that our employees are protected from work­related illnesses, but also that their physical, psychic and social well-being is improved.

Sport is an essential part in our concept for Work Life Management, as it not only improves your physical fitness, but also exerts a positive influence on the psychic well-being. In our company sports groups, many of our employees meet up to train together and have fun.

The BASF Foundation counseling service is the central contact point for information on social issues, for providing counseling in life crisis situations or for special vocational and private challenges. The offers are geared towards employees at BASF, their family members and additional groups of people.