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BASF’s engagement for responsible use of plastics

BASF is working on innovative technologies that promote the recycling and recovering of plastics. This includes also research and development on new materials and compositions that facilitate recycling processes as well as processes to create value out of plastic waste. BASF also recently announced its ChemCycling project in which chemical recycled plastic waste is used as feedstock for its production. With BASF’s new ChemCycling project BASF wants to make a significant contribution in reducing the amount of plastic waste by using plastic waste as a resource. Chemical recycling provides an innovative way to reutilize plastic waste that is not currently recycled, such as mixed or uncleaned plastics. In this way, BASF creates value for the environment, society and the economy. 

With its diverse portfolio and R&D capabilities, BASF already offers high-value products and solutions for various applications in health, automotive, construction and consumer industries and constantly works on increasing the sustainability of its products. Examples include high-performance fossil, bio-based, biomass-balanced and compostable products helping to address diverse customer needs and sustainability goals. Stabilizers used in recycling help turn waste into useful products. 

Also, a well-functioning waste management infrastructure and consumer awareness are key to tackle litter. BASF supports measures which address the main causes for (marine) litter: improving waste management and raising awareness for appropriate disposal behavior. 

As littering and uncontrolled landfills are global challenges and cannot be solved by one individual company, BASF engages together with other stakeholders in association projects on waste management and education. 



  • BASF joined the World Plastics Council (WPC) in 2018, a global organization of leading companies in the plastics industry. The WPC promotes industry topics of global relevance, like the responsible use of plastics, efficient waste management and solutions to marine littering (for details see news release). 
  • BASF joined two programs (and is leading some projects) of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation – the “New Plastics Economy” and the “Circular Economy 100” initiatives. 
  • BASF joined Operation Clean Sweep® in 2014. Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) is an international program that strives to prevent plastic pellet, flake and powder loss in the environment. 

There is a strong momentum within the business community to support solutions that will stop plastic waste from entering the environment. BASF is collaborating with companies from throughout its value chain, with NGOs, government, multilateral institutions and others about ways to combine its efforts for greater impact. 

The latest example for BASF’s engagement is the membership in the Alliance to End Plastic Waste


BASF's responsible use of plastics