Saudi Arabia

Creator Space™ Tour in Barcelona

November 2015

The Mediterranean city of Barcelona was the fifth stop on the Creator Space™ Tour during BASF's anniversary year. Held from October 26 to 30, the event was all about responsible food consumption.

Experts from every sector of the food production and utilization industry as well as scientists, representatives of authorities, artists and members of the public took part in the week-long event in Barcelona. Their mission was to work together to develop ideas for responsible food consumption that are relevant to both businesses and society. “Feeding the world's entire population responsibly is a major challenge given that, today, approx. 805 million people – or eleven percent of the world population – cannot be provided with sufficient food,” said Dr. Harald Schwager, a member of the Board of Executive Directors, at the opening of the tour stop.

Specialist conference creates sustainable solutions

During the first two days, 75 participants – including customers, suppliers, and representatives of the government and NGOs, citizens’ initiatives, and companies – were divided into six groups to analyze different aspects of the focus topic. Along with ideas for a sustainable and healthier lifestyle, the groups also presented approaches to make water use in agriculture more efficient and to reduce food waste. The proposal “We might be ugly but we're tasty”, for example, aimed to encourage supermarkets to sell fruit and vegetables with defects alongside the usual perfect specimens.

Public co-creation activities

During the co-creation children’s day, more than 60 children aged between eight and twelve years visited the DHUB to learn more about a healthy diet and responsible use of water.

Along with the interactive food pyramid, the children were shown various experiments with water in the Kids’ Lab. The kids were particularly impressed by the 3D food printer – an innovative kitchen device that combines technology, food, art and design and uses fresh ingredients to prepare a meal.

Diverse art and cultural program

Art and cultural events, such as an interactive art installation by Domestic Data Streamers that translated data in emotions, were an integral part of the program. On the second evening, the award-winning documentary “Just eat it: a food waste story” was shown. The aim of the film was to sensitize the audience for the central topic of the tour stop in an exciting as well as emotional way. It was followed by a panel discussion with Tristram Stuart, food activist and author of the bestseller “Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal” and Paco Muñoz, environmental officer at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and an expert in preventing food waste.