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BASF receives German Sustainability Award for resource efficiency

November 2015

BASF was presented with the Special Award “Resource Efficiency” at the ceremony for the German Sustainability Award 2015. Margret Suckale, member of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE, accepted the award in attendance of guests from politics, business and society and thanked the jury on behalf of the employees of BASF Group: “The award is a confirmation as well as a great motivation for us. As the world’s leading chemical company, we have been working for economic success, environmental protection and social responsibility,” said Suckale. “It is our aspiration to use our natural resources as sparingly as possible. Never have there been so many people on Earth as today. The world population will exceed nine billion in 2050. The needs we have on food, clothing, housing, technology and much more are growing every day – but the planet’s resources are finite.”

With the decision, the jury recognized BASF’s Verbund concept that has set the benchmark in the chemical industry for resource and energy efficiency for decades. The Verbund facilitates an efficient use of energy in production for example. The heat produced in one production facility can be re-used as energy in other plants. The Verbund offers ways to reduce emissions and waste and to conserve resources.

In addition to the recognition for efficient raw material and energy use, the development of innovative business models for sustainability, for example, the “mass balance” method, was acknowledged by the jury. This method uses renewable raw materials from the very beginning of the value chain in the existing Production Verbund. Savings of fossil resources are calculated for each product.

BASF was also nominated in the category “Most Sustainable Large Companies” and was among the three leading companies. The German Sustainability Award recognizes companies which make significant contributions to sustainable development on a national and international basis.