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Recycling also has top priority in the fast food sector

March 2015

Customers desire recycled packaging materials for fast food. So far, however, the re-usage of food packaging cardboards has faced a barrier: When recycling paper fibers, printing ink residues remain, which can later migrate from the cardboard into the fast food.

BASF and the company Feinpappenwerk Gebr. Schuster are therefore working jointly on a solution for a combined migration and grease barrier on recycled cardboard. The solution shall prevent the migration of mineral oils, plasticizers, or residues of UV printing ink components into the food. Instead of classical coatings made of polyethylene, or polypropylene the high-quality and versatile biopolymer ecovio® PS 1606 is deployed.

In an extrusion coating process ecovio® PS 1606 is applied to recycled cardboard. The polymer coating is a whole lot thinner than a human hair, but nevertheless provides the packaging with an outstanding protection barrier while simultaneously offering high grease-proofness and liquid tightness. The special advantage: ecovio® is predominantly bio-based and biodegradable according to American Standard ASTM 6400 and European Standard EN 13432. Cardboard packaging produced on this basis is more than 90 % recyclable and industrially compostable.

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