Saudi Arabia

BASF Presents New Types of the Chelating Agent Trilon<sup>®</sup> M

October 2015

At the SEPAWA Congress 2015 BASF presented new types of the readily biodegradable chelating agent Trilon® M, which has established itself in the market as the high-performance phosphate alternative for automatic dishwashing detergents. EU regulations stipulate that phosphate will be virtually prohibited for this application in Europe from 2017. In the US, 16 states have already banned phosphate in this application since 2010.

Trilon® M binds the hard water ions particularly effectively and prevents limescale buildup on the dishes during the dishwashing cycle. It is readily biodegradable and fulfills the criteria for the EU Ecolabel.

“With our Trilon® M portfolio, we offer our customers the possibility of formulating automatic dishwashing detergents that contribute to sustainable development, without compromising on performance,” said Michael Ceranski, Head of Regional Business Management Home Care and Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Europe at BASF.

Besides the high-performance Trilon® M, BASF also presented the innovative, technologically advanced Trilon® M Max. In addition to the properties of Trilon® M, this second generation solution offers further advantages in terms formulation flexibility and esthetic choice for the automatic dishwashing detergent. Trilon® M Max also allows more compact product formats.

At the SEPAWA Congress, BASF also presented a 2-in-1 solution with the name Trilon® Ultimate. This product is based on Trilon® M Max and provides special effects in addition to the properties of the innovative chelating agent. The Trilon® Ultimate granules offer advantages such as improved stability of the dishwashing tablet or extra glass protection, to keep consumers’ glasses sparkling even after a large number of dishwashing cycles.